Гидравлические домкраты МП30 и машина для стыковой сварки пластин с водяным охлаждением
Дом » Товары » Машина для соединения пластин встык » Гидравлические домкраты МП30 и машина для стыковой сварки пластин с водяным охлаждением




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Гидравлические домкраты МП30 и машина для стыковой сварки пластин с водяным охлаждением


For this set of MP30 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine at customer site shown in the first photo, it works in a Steel Structure facility. We can see there is a set of CNC Strip Plate Cutting Machine at its right hand.

1.     When will this MP30 Plate Joint Welding Machine Applied and its Advantage:

1)       In manufacturing, thick metal plates (6mm and above) usually have size of 2~5m width by 15m length, which needs to be pieced together to get larger and longer plates, especially in working field of Shipbuilding/ Bridge Construction/ Steel Structure, etc. MP-series Flat Butt Welding Machine is designed for such application;

2)       There are many advantages with introduction of the equipment, covering nearly all critical factors in lean production: People (Safety)/ Quality (Better welding output)/ Velocity (Higher productivity) and Cost (Less cycle time and hence less variable cost). Please check the previous product section of MP25 Plate Butt Welding Joint Machine on getting hint, as well as general working steps of this Flat Butt Welder.

2.     Constructure, Main Frame, Input and Output Conveyor, Workpiece Holding Block of MP Series Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine:

The first photo may not give all round view on the machine. So, we paste its general design sketch in the second photo. As you can check from it, one set of MP-series Plate Joint Welding Machine can be divided into sections of Main Frame/ Input and Output Conveyor/ Function Unit (Triple Cutting& Butt Welding) /Hydraulic System/ Control System:

1)       Main Frame of the MP Series Flat Butt Welding Machine:

a)       This is a stationary gantry type main body. Its incoming side is installed with optional triple cutting unit (The front side view in the first photo); Its outcoming side is fit with the melt thru butt welding group;

b)      Observing from inlet side, main frame of the MP-series Flat Butt Welder looks like a set of Plate Triple Cutting Machine; Observing from outlet side, the machine body is somewhat similar to a that of the H Beam Gantry Welding Machine, but with many differences in workpiece type/ quantity of welding torch/ gantry style (stationary versus traveling type);

c)       Checking from lateral side (In the second sketch) of the MP Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine, melt thru butt welding side is more complicated than triple cutting side:

        i.           There is V-type welding base composed of 2 pieces of trapezoidal brackets, with oil cylinders horizontally installed inside;

      ii.           The SAW (Submerged arc welding) torch and its supporting units at the top;

     iii.           The elevating type copper pads and its water cooling system at bottom. All these units are assembled together with perfect fitting into an integral part, fulfilling melt thru butt welding in the MP-series Plate Flat Butt Welding Machine (Melt thru: Single face welding with double face completion);

2)       Input and Output Conveyor of the Plate Joint Welding Machine:

a)       Standard length is 6m for input and 15m for output;

b)      One driving segment for input conveyor, and two driving segments for input conveyor. The chains and sprockets are covered with striking visual bright yellow color housing for safety purpose;

c)       Based on specific length of raw material plates and finished joint plate denoted from customer, we can make special length in the this Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine;

3)       Function unit --- Melt thru Butt Welding in the Flat Butt Welding Machine:

Downward Pressing Blocks for Metal Plates:

a)       These blocks can be identified in the 3rd and 4th photos. It serves the same function as hydraulic jacks in Edge Milling Machine: To secure the metal plates firmly during working;

b)      In one set of MP-series Flat Butt Welding Machine, there are 2 arrays of pressing blocks installed above the copper pads, for holding down the 2 plates against the copper pads during Melt thru of the Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine (One array of blocks holding one piece of plate respectively);

c)       This pressing unit is hydraulic driven. Hydraulic pump station is put alongside the gantry frame.

3.     Technical Parameters of the Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine:

Below are technical parameters of standard MP30 Plate Flat Butt Welding Machine (Flat Butt Welder):



MP30 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine


Fitting Plate Thickness and Material

6 ~ 40mm for SAW, and less than 6mm for GMAW

(Low carbon steel, Stainless steel or Al alloy)


Welding Thickness without Beveling

6 ~ 15mm


Max. Width of Metal Plates

(Or Length of Butt Welding Seam)

3000 mm


Welding Velocity

Adjustable Stepless within 200 ~ 1200mm/min

Controlled with A.C. Inverter control


Triple Cutting Velocity

Adjustable Stepless within 100 ~ 800mm/min

Controlled with A.C. Inverter control


Welding style

Submerged Arc Welding Butt welding, melt through technique


Workpiece Length

6000 ~ 15000 mm (Can be special made)


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