Стабильный работающий станок для резки листового металла с ЧПУ с двойным приводом CG5000
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Стабильный работающий станок для резки листового металла с ЧПУ с двойным приводом CG5000

1. Портальный размер машины для резки полосовых пластин с ЧПУ серии CG и ее распределение
2. Зачем нужен двойной привод в станке для резки листового металла с ЧПУ и как его использовать
3. Применение станка для газовой резки с ЧПУ Double Drive CG5000
4. Технические параметры станка газопламенной резки с ЧПУ

From working site of this set of double drive CG5000 CNC Strip Flame Cutting machine, you can observe from the workpieces left on its cutting platform that, the machine just finished cutting several pieces of plate shape cutting with its CNC cutting torch, and several long narrow plates with its strip cutting torch. We will have an explore on this model of the CNC Cutting machine in this product section.  

1.Gantry Size of CG series CNC Strip Plate Cutting Machine and its Distribution:

The CG5000 double drive CNC Strip Flame Cutting machine is the medium larger size product of CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine: (Fig.1)

Fig1 CNC Plate Flame Cutting Machine

1)      As mentioned in its product family introduction section, CNC CG series CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine has gantry width (This means width of horizontal main beam, or cutting rail span) from 3000mm to 15000 mm;

2)      Based on PARETO theory of statistics, most majority falls within the range of 3000 mm/4000mm/5000mm, which meets the rule of 80/20. The products of these sizes can be viewed as “standard” specifications of CNC Flame Cutting machine;

3)      The CG5000 CNC Cutting machine is the typical product of double drive CNC Plate Cutting machine.

2. Why Double Drive in CNC Plate Cutting Machine, and How to Put into Use:

Under majority conditions, the 5000mm gantry size is the threshold for distinguishing single drive and double drive in CNC Plate Cutting Machine: (Fig.2)

Fig2 CNC Plate Cutting Machine

1)      What does Double Drive Mean for CNC Cutting Machine and its Implementation:

a)       Double drive means both sides of the machine gantry have servo driving motors and reducers at its bottom, which drive the travelling wheels sitting on the parallel cutting rails;

b)      In the cutting process of the double drive CNC Strip Flame Cutting machine, driven with both sides A.C. servo motor reducers working in phase, traveling wheels of the machine gantry roll forward, leading machine gantry into traveling;

c)       In this way, the CNC Flame Cutting machine can get the best degree of running stability. This is especially critical for large size (Gantry span equals to 5m or longer) CNC Cutting machine;

2)      Single Drive in CNC Cutting Machine:

a)       In contrast, in single drive mode of the CNC Plate Cutting machine, only one side of the gantry has servo motor reducer. The opposing side is idle type, which is turned into follower running with the movement of driving side;

b)      For the CNC Cutting machine with gantry width of 4m and less, the rigidity of gantry beam can guarantee its stable traveling and hence cutting precision;

3)      Dividing Line on Single Drive and Double Drive in CNC Cutting Machine:

a)       When gantry width exceeds 4000 mm, the rigidity of longer gantry beam can not make satisfactory in phase movement of both sides, which brings along issues such as shaking, rendering negative impact on cutting outcome of the CNC Flame Cutting machine. By this time, Double Drive should be introduced;

b)      On the other hand, in recent years, with the growing higher standard on cutting quality in industry, more and more 4m width CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine also adopted with double drive, this makes double drive becoming mainstream of application nowadays;

4)      Control System of CNC Plate Cutting Machine: (Fig.3)

Fig3 CNC Cutting Machine

With double drive of CNC Strip Flame Cutting machine, both sides of the gantry are powered with servo motor reducer. Control system of the machine generates and sends out signal from CNC system, making the two sets of servo motor reducers work synchronously, thus attaining the target of coordinated running of machine gantry both sides. Only with servo motor can double drive be made in CNC Plate Cutting machine.

3.Application of Double Drive CG5000 CNC Strip Flame Cutting Machine:

1)      Customer use this model of the CNC Cutting machine for doing plate shape cutting on carbon steel plate with size larger than 3.2m;

2)      With increasement of gantry width, more CNC cutting torch can be installed. Two to three sets is applicable for 5m CNC Plate Cutting machine. In this way, productivity can be improved accordingly;

3)      Equipped with triple cutting torch and strip cutting torch, incorporating functions of Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine (The counter part of Edge bevelling Machine) and Strip Flame Plate Cutting machine.

4.Technical Parameters of CNC Flame Cutting Machine:

Below are technical parameters of this Stable Running CG5000 double drive CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine (CNC Flame Cutting machine):

Stable Running CG5000 Double Drive Flame CNC Strip Flame Cutting machine

(CNC Plate Cutting machine)

Cutting Rail Span

5000 mm

Min. to Max. Work Piece Width

80 ~ 4200 mm

Cutting Railway Length

15000 mm

Max. Work Piece Length

13000 mm

Drive mode for Gantry Movement

Double Servo Drive

Quantity of CNC Flame Cutting Torches

Suggestion is 2~ 3 sets

Quantity of Strip Cutting Torches

Standard is 9 sets

Min. to Max. Quality Flame Cutting Thickness

6 ~ 150 mm (Special made for 200mm)                    

Min. to Max. Flame Cutting Speed

100 ~ 1000 mm/min.

Cutting Kerf Roughness

Ra 12.5~ 25

Cutting Precision

±0.5 mm/1000mm

Positioning Precision

±0.25 mm

Repetitive Positioning Precision

±0.2 mm


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