RH-3000 Станок для закругления кромок пластин портального типа для портового машиностроения
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RH-3000 Станок для закругления кромок пластин портального типа для портового машиностроения

1. Универсальный станок для закругления и обрезки кромок большой модели серии RH
2. Краткая информация о универсальном станке для удаления заусенцев и округления кромок RH3000
3. Применение универсального станка для скругления кромок RH3000
4. Эксплуатация и техническое обслуживание станка для снятия заусенцев и закругления кромок серии RH
5. Технические параметры универсального станка для закругления кромок RH3000

1.       The Large Model RH Series Versatile Edge Rounding and Trimming Machine:

In this product section of RH3000 we summarize on large models of RH series Edge Rounding machine. We took the attached first picture on RH3000 at a Chinese customer of Shipbuilding facility.

2.       Summary on RH3000 Versatile Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine:

General Constructure of RH3000 Versatile Edge Rounding machine:

1)      As can be seen from picture and below photo, RH3000 (And RH2000, RH1500) has mechanical main body of box gantry frame. It is fabricated and assembled into shape from welding structure members, section steels and steel plates: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Edge Round Machine IMG_2390

2)      Such kind of structure gives this automatic Versatile End Plate Trimming machine sufficient firmness and strength for performing rounding process; Besides, relative enclosed and relative opened operating area guarantees personnel safety and easy access;

3)      In the entire set of gantry structure Edge Rounding machine, routings of cable, compressed air pipelines, oil tubes can be arranged utilizing its cross beams and vertical columns, giving the machine a tidy, plain and clear appearance.

3.       Application of RH3000 Versatile Edge Rounding Trimming Machine:

1)      The larger models of Plate Edge Rounding machine share the same rounding principle with smaller models. The illustration is shown below. For detail, please check product section of RH2000 Edge Rounding and Trimming machine;  (Fig.2)

Fig2 Edge Round Machine Working Principle

2)      Generally speaking, the smaller model of RH1000 Strip Edge Rounding machine is more often used in T Beam Production Line and or H Beam Production Line, while the larger models of plate Edge Rounding Trimming machine (RH1500, RH2000 and RH3000) are majorly used in manufacture of Shipbuilding, Port Machinery, Bridge Constructure, etc.

3)      So, from the perspective of customers, we can call the RH series Edge Rounding Machine as:

a)       Strip Plate Edge Rounding machine for Port Machinery;

b)      Edge Deburring and Rounding machine for Shipyard Industry;

c)       Edge Rounding and Trimming machine for dockyard.

4.       Operation and Maintenance of RH series Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine:

1)      The oil cylinders of the Edge Rounding machine help positioning and securing workpiece into its proper and accurate position for rounding: (Fig.3)

Fig3 Edge Round Machine IMG_6502

2)      The electric motor reducers of the Edge Rounding machine help carrying out rounding operation in the equipment: (Fig.4)

Fig4 Edge Round Machine IMG_2481

3)      The air cylinder and its compressor help making clean working site of the Edge Rounding machine;

4)      The Emergency pushbuttons help guaranteeing safety of operators operating this End Plate Trimming machine as the last line of defense;

5)      Ahead of deburring and rounding, below adjustments are of vital importance on getting high quality delivery from the high precision Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine: (Fig.5)

Fig5 Edge Round Machine IMG_3298

a)       Modulate workpiece into correct position by means of oil cylinders;

b)      Coplanarity of rounding rollers with rollers at the input and output conveyors;

c)       Collinearity of rounding rollers with side fend rollers;

6)      For Service and Maintenance of the Versatile Edge Rounding Machine:

a)       We give detailed introduction in operating manual of the machine;

b)      We give training on operating staff in the period of installation and commissioning at customer site;

c)       We promise service terms for this RH series End Plate Trimming machine.

7)      Summary on Introduction on RH series Versatile Edge Rounding Machine:

a)       With this we wrap introduction on RH series Plate Edge Rounding and Trimming machine, covering topics of usage, application, strong point, structure, main components, material and machining, operation and maintenance, etc.;

b)      Hope these introductions can bring valuable information to customers around the globe having interest on this Edge Rounding machine.

5.       Technical Parameters of RH3000 Versatile Edge Rounding Machine:

Below are specifications of this RH3000 Plate Versatile Edge Rounding and Trimming Machine, which is developed for Port Machine, Shipbuilding, and Bridge Construction:

RH3000 Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine





Applicable Workpiece Width Scope

150 ~ 3000 mm


Applicable Workpiece thickness

10 ~ 40 mm


Applicable Workpiece length

1000 ~ 12000 mm


Applicable H Beam Min. Web Height

320 mm


Applicable Rounding Speed

7200 mm/min


Rounding radius

R2.5 mm


Main rollers diameter

φ300 mm


Main rollers working life

50,000m (On specific material)


Power of Hydraulic Pump Station

4 kW


Max. Pressure in Hydraulic System

12 MPa


Gas Pressure

0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa


Input and Output Conveyor Length

10m each


Edge Rounding Machine Total Power

10.6 kW


Electricity Power Specification

380V, 50Hz, 3P


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