RH-1000 Высокоскоростная машина для закругления кромок полосы для судостроения
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RH-1000 Высокоскоростная машина для закругления кромок полосы для судостроения

1. Подведение итогов по автоматической машине для удаления заусенцев и закругления кромок полосы RH1000
2. Операция скругления на высокоскоростном станке для обрезки и скругления кромок RH1000.
3. Запрос на боковую сторону заготовки для скругления на станке для скругления кромок
4. Станок для закругления кромок, работающий на объекте заказчика
5. Технические параметры высокоскоростного станка для закругления кромок RH1000.

With this product section we wrap up introduction on small model of RH1000 Strip Edge Rounding Trimming machine.

1.     Summing up on RH1000 Automatic Strip Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine:

Usage and Advantage of High Speed Edge Rounding machine:

1)      The machine is used for carrying out rounding, trimming, and deburring on edges of narrow steel plate, vertical plate of T Beam, and flange of H Beam, for improving painting adhesion, stress concentration, safety, and appearance of finished product. Finished effect on edge of workpieces please check attached photo;

2)      This small model strip Edge Rounding Deburring machine has advantages of high productivity, reasonable and robust structure, compact size, convenient and intuitive operation, consistent and reliable delivery.

2.     Rounding Operation in RH1000 High Speed Edge Trimming and Rounding Machine:

1)      In the process of rounding, the two pairs of rounding rollers form a cavity accommodating the specific workpiece size: Width and thickness;

2)      Meanwhile, each pair of the rounding rollers is kept at certain pressure under the act of its oil cylinders, ready for rounding operation in the Edge Trimming and Rounding machine: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Edge Rounding Machine IMG_6479

3)      As can be observed from above photo, when the workpiece is transported by the conveyor and goes thru the cavity, its four shape edges will be blunted and deburred under the above mentioned set pressure from the rounding rollers, achieving the function of rounding, trimming and deburring, thus finish task of this Edge Deburring and Rounding machine.

3.     Request on Workpiece Lateral Side for Rounding in Edge Rounding Machine:

Please check below sketch on demanded side view of workpiece for Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine: (Fig.2)

Fig2 Edge Rounding Machine - Workpiece Side

1)      The best condition on workpiece is it has perfect straight edge for rounding;

2)      Meanwhile, in practical daily working of RH series Edge Trimming and Rounding machine, there is allowance (Or, tolerance) on obliqueness of workpiece rounding edge in certain degree;

3)      We have introduced in the product section of RH3000 Plate Edge Rounding Deburring machine, that rounding rollers of both sides can be inching adjusted along leftward and rightward direction, to compensate for oblique side of workpiece for doing rounding operation;

4)      On the other hand, there is a limit on this compensation value, which is restricted with horizontal stroke of the oil cylinder in Edge Rounding Trimming machine;

5)      The above sketch shows the allowable obliqueness of workpiece lateral side in its extreme condition. Or, in other words, workpiece with its rounding edge of slant condition worse than depicted in the above sketch, can not be rounded in this Strip Edge Deburring and Rounding machine. It needs to be processed within tolerance first;

6)      This request on workpiece edge obliqueness is applied to all the other models of RH series Edge Deburring and Rounding machine, for example, RH3000.

4.     Edge Rounding Machine Working at Customer’s Site:

1)      The RH1000 strip Edge Trimming and Rounding machine is shipped and installed integrally. Which means, no dismantle and re-assembling job involved in the whole process;

2)      No foundation necessary for RH1000 Strip Edge Rounding machine. Just put and secure its machine bed into workshop floor with anchor bolts. Meanwhile, for larger models with box frame structure, floor pit and foundation are a must during machine installation. For detail, please check product section of RH1500 hydraulic drive Edge Rounding Deburring machine;

3)      The entire equipment of Edge Trimming and Rounding machine is powered with hydraulic system of cylinders and electric motor reducers, which adopts pile valve for control. The hydraulic pump station is put alongside the machine bed together with control board of the Edge Rounding Machine: (Fig.3)

Fig3 Edge Rounding Machine- At Customer 微信图片_20210825180029

5.     Technical Parameters of RH1000 High Speed Edge Rounding Machine:

Below are parameters of RH1000 High Speed Edge Trimming and Rounding Machine:

RH1000 Strip Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine





Suitable Workpiece Width Scope

150 ~ 1000 mm


Suitable Workpiece Thickness Scope

10 ~ 40 mm


Suitable Workpiece Length Scope

1000 ~ 12000 mm


Suitable H Beam Min. Web Height

320 mm


Rounding and Deburring Speed

7200 mm/min.


Finished Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm


Main Rounding Rollers Diameter

φ300 mm


Main rollers working life

50,000 m (On specific material)


Hydraulic Pump Station Power

4 kW


Max. Pressure in Hydraulic System

12 MPa


Gas Pressure

0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa


Input and Output Conveyor Length

10m each


Edge Rounding Machine Total Power

10.6 kW


Electricity Power Specification

380V, 50Hz, 3P


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