RH-3000 Высокоточный станок для закругления кромок пластин для портового станка
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RH-3000 Высокоточный станок для закругления кромок пластин для портового станка

1. Каково основное содержание этого раздела высокоточной машины для удаления заусенцев и закругления кромок RH3000?
2. Материал и процесс обработки основного рабочего элемента в высокоточном станке для закругления кромок листового металла серии RH.
3. Круглые ролики в станке для обрезки кромок и закругления кромок серии RH.
4. Станина закругляющего ролика и его масляный цилиндр в станке для удаления заусенцев и закругления кромок серии RH.
5. Направляющий стержень для поперечного перемещения закругляющих роликов в станке для закругления кромок
6. Подшипник скольжения (втулка) направляющего стержня станка для скругления кромок
7. Прижимные ролики с ходом вниз в станке для закругления кромок листа
8. Технические параметры станка для закругления кромок листов RH3000

1.     What is the Core Content in this Section of RH3000 High Precision Plate Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine:

In the product section of Box Frame Structure RH1500 Plate Edge Rounding machine, we mentioned the 4 critical control factors on delivering satisfactory performance from the machine:

1)      Constructure of the machine;

2)      Dimension of the machine and its components;

3)      Motion and Drive Way in the Plate Edge Trimming Rounding machine;

4)      Material and Machining of the working element;

And have an introduction on the third topic of “its motion and drive way in the RH series Edge Deburring Rounding machine”. In this product section of RH3000 Edge Trimming and Rounding machine, we will go on to have explanation on the aspect of “Material and machining of main units in the Edge Rounding machine”.

2.     Material and Machining Process of Main Acting Element in RH series High Precision Plate Edge Rounding Machine:

1)      For rounding and deburring operation which should consider both heavy working force and high precision, it should be the perfect integration of strength and accuracy;

2)      The five critical working elements of the Edge Rounding machine we will discuss here are: Rounding rollers, bed of rounding roller and its oil cylinder, guiding rod, sliding bearing, and downward stroke pressing rollers.

3.     Round Rollers in RH series Edge Trimming Rounding Machine:

Please check picture as below:  (Fig.1)

Fig1 Edge Rounding Machine Roller

1)      As introduced in the product section RH2000 Edge Deburring and Rounding machine, there are left and right 2 pairs of rounding rollers, of which in each pair top and bottom 1 roller each, totally 4 pieces of rounding rollers, in one set of Plate Edge Rounding machine;

2)      This is the core element in the machine for performing rounding process;

3)      These rounding rollers are solid type, made of 35CrMo tool steel, finely machined in machining center, then tempered integrally, and have its surface quenched;

4)      As mentioned in the product section of “RH2000 Plate Edge Trimming and Rounding machine”, this element is consumables in machine daily operation, and has suggested working life in terms of accumulated rounding length.

4.     Bed of Rounding Roller and its Oil Cylinder in RH series Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine:

Please check below picture:  (Fig.2)

Fig2 Edge Rounding Machine Roller and Cylinder Bed

1)      As can be found from the above photo, this is a piece of square solid block which is machined finely;

2)      This element determines stability and smoothness of rounding process in the Edge Rounding machine. It is solid casting steels, of ZG250-550.

5.     Guiding Rod for Transverse Movement of Rounding Rollers in Edge Deburring Rounding Machine:

Please check below picture: (Fig.3)

Fig3 Edge Rounding Machine Guiding Rod

1)      This unit determines positioning accuracy of workpiece in RH series Plate Edge Trimming Rounding machine. There are 2 pieces of this guiding rod totally in one set of the machine;

2)      These guiding rods are made and machined from 45# steel, and have Chromium plated.

6.     Slide Bearing (Bushing) of the Guiding Rod in the Edge Rounding Machine:

Please check below picture (Fig.4)

Fig4 Edge Rounding Machine Slide Bearing

1)      Assembled together with the above mentioned guiding rod, this slide bearing affects positioning accuracy of workpieces in the working zone of the Edge Deburring and Rounding machine;

2)      This sliding bushing is assembled onto the guiding rod, and have direct contact with internal surface of the transverse positioning oil cylinder;

3)      Or, in other words, this sliding bearing sits in between the guiding rod and the positioning cylinder, and serves as sliding guide for rounding operation in the Edge Rounding machine;

4)      As can be found from the above photo, this element is made and finely machined from copper based alloy, which is intermingled with graphite.

7.     Downward Stroke Pressing Rollers in the Plate Edge Rounding Machine:

Please check below picture (Fig.5)

Fig5 Edge Rounding Machine Downstroke Press Roller

1)      As introduced in several of the previously product sections, from the RH1500 model, Edge Rounding machine is equipped with three pieces of downward pressing rollers;

2)      And based on specific width of workpiece, one to three pieces of such rollers are to be used for maintaining flatness of workpiece surface in the process of rounding;

3)      Judging from its function in the Edge Rounding machine, the demand on its rigidity and precision is at lower level than that of rounding rollers;

4)      This the reason that, these downward pressing rollers are made and machined from 45# steel, and have its surface Chromium plated.

8.     Technical Parameters of RH3000 Plate Edge Rounding Machine:

Below are specifications of RH3000 Strip Plate Edge Trimming and Rounding Machine:

RH3000 Plate Edge Deburring and Rounding Machine





Effective Working Parts Width Range

150 ~ 3000 mm


Effective Working Parts Thickness

10 ~ 40 mm


Effective Working Parts Length Range

1000 ~ 12000 mm


Effective H Beam Min. Web Height

320 mm


Working Rounding Speed

7200 mm/min.


Finished Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm


Main Rounding Rollers Diameter

φ300 mm


Main Rounding Rollers Working Life

50,000m (On specific material)


Power of Hydraulic Station

4 kW


Max. Pressure in Hydraulic System

12 MPa


Gas Pressure Range

0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa


Input and Output Conveyor Length

10m each


Total Power of Edge Rounding machine

10.6 kW


Electricity Power Specification

380V, 50Hz, 3P


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