Машина для закругления кромок полосы шириной 1 м компактного размера
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Машина для закругления кромок полосы шириной 1 м компактного размера

1. Характеристики автоматического станка для закругления кромок и удаления заусенцев шириной 1 м
2. Критерий выбора модели высокопроизводительного станка для закругления кромок серии RH
3. Дополнительные узлы в автоматических станках для закругления кромок серии RH
4. Блок очистки скругляющих обрезков в станке для обрезки кромок серии RH.
5. Входной и выходной конвейеры машины для закругления кромок серии RH
6. Блок безопасности в станке для закругления кромок полосы серии RH
7. Технические параметры станка для закругления кромок полосы шириной 1 м

1.     The Characteristic of 1m Width Automatic Edge Rounding and Deburring Machine:

1)      The 1m width High Speed Strip Edge Rounding machine in the attached first picture, shows the lateral view of the equipment. We can see it has reasonable structure and compact size;

2) This 1m width Automatic Edge Rounding machine is a requisite equipment in the process technology of T Beam Production Line: For the next step of welding and painting, the four edges on the both sides of strip plates can be rounded and deburred.

2.     Criterion on Model Selection in RH Series High Efficiency Edge Rounding Machine:

As introduced in its product family, the RH series Edge Rounding equipment has several standard models to choose from. And from customer’s perspective, the selection criteria on proper models of Automatic Edge Trimming machine can be attributed as below two points:

1)      Valid Width of Working Parts to be Edge Trimmed and Rounded in the Edge Rounding Machine:

The standard models of RH1000 to RH3000 reflect the max. effective width 1m ~ 3m of working parts;

2)      Applicating Industry of Edge Rounding and Deburring Machine:

a)       Generally speaking, the larger models (RH2000, and RH3000) Edge Rounding and Deburring machine are usually applied in Ship Building, Bridge Industry, and or Port Machinery;

b)      While the smaller models (RH1000, and RH1500) Edge Trimming machine are usually produced for T Beam Production Line and or H Beam Production Line.

3.     Supplementary Units in RH series Automatic Edge Rounding Machine:

1)      We have become being familiar with structure and working principle of the RH series automatic Edge Rounding machine, which has been introduced in the product of RH2000 Edge Rounding machine;

2)      Below is introduction on some supplementary units of the RH series Edge Rounding and Deburring machine.

4.     Rounding Scrap Cleaning unit in RH series Edge Trimming Machine:

1)      This unit is for blowing off the scraps generated in the process of rounding, which is installed at the outlet side of the Edge Rounding equipment (In the attached first picture, right side, or as below): (Fig.1)

Fig1 Edge Round Machine IMG_6512

2)      In RH series Edge Rounding machine, this scrap clearing unit is pneumatic drive: As can be seen from the photo, it is composed of air compressor, control valve, air tube, and blowing tip;

3)      The two pieces of blue color thin tube at the outlet side of machine body sends air to the 2 pieces of blowing tip, above the central rounding area of this automatic Edge Rounding machine, keeping cleanness condition of the working area all the time;

4)      So long as input and output conveyors are in the state of running, this gas drive cleaning unit will be in working status.

5.     Input and Output Conveyors of RH series Edge Rounding Machine:

1)      There are 10m length of input and output conveyors respectively equipped at the front and rear side of the 1m width Automatic Edge Rounding machine for T Beam Production;

2)      At the forwarding terminal of input conveyor of the Automatic Edge Trimming machine, (Which means, the terminal of the input conveyor approximating to machine body), there is alignment unit for keeping correct position of workpiece for rounding operation in the Edge Rounding machine. With this unit, terminals of the workpieces for rounding will be leaned against rounding rollers for proper job.

6.     Security Unit in RH series Strip Edge Rounding Machine:

1)      Safety is the foremost factor to be taken for both customer and supplier, especially heavy duty mechanical equipment;

2)      For this 1m width Strip Edge Rounding machine, the deburring and rounding speed of 7200mm/min. is fairly fast, and people working around it should take precaution;

3)      So, what is the Design of the Edge Rounding Machine for Safety Purpose?

a)       The design of the mechanical structure makes rounding unit is located at middle of the machine body, which means, it is difficult to have direct access to working area of the Edge Trimming machine by operators;

b)      Besides, to have a double insurance, we have Emergency Stop buttons deployed at both inlet and outlet side of Edge Rounding machine main frame.

7.     Technical Parameters of 1m Width Strip Edge Rounding Machine:

Below are parameters of this 1m width Automatic Edge Trimming Machine:

1m Width Automatic Edge Rounding and Deburring Machine





Suitable Workpiece Width Range

150 ~ 1000 mm


Suitable Workpiece Thickness Range

10 ~ 40 mm


Suitable Workpiece Length

1000 ~ 12000 mm


Suit H Beam Min. Web Beam Height

320 mm


Rounding Velocity

7200 mm/min.


Finished Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm


Main Rounding Rollers Diameter

φ300 mm


Hydraulic Station Power

4 kW


Max. Pressure in Hydraulic System

12 MPa


Input and Output Conveyor Length

10m each


Machine Total Power

10.6 kW


Power Specification

380V, 50Hz, 3P


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