Сверхмощная машина для снятия заусенцев и закругления кромок шириной 3 м
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Сверхмощная машина для снятия заусенцев и закругления кромок шириной 3 м

1. Заказчик станка для закругления кромок шириной 3 м.
2. Общее состояние станка для закругления кромок шириной 3 м для портовой техники
3. Основные компоненты станка для закругления кромок шириной 3 м для основного корпуса судостроения.
4. Технические параметры станка для закругления кромок шириной 3 м.

1.     The Customer of 3m Width Heavy Duty Edge Rounding Machine:

1)      The 3m width Heavy Duty End Rounding machine shown in attached first picture, is another set of End Plate Trimming machine we designed and produced for ZPMC, a renowned Port Machinery Group in China. Totally we have built three sets of such Edge Rounding machine for this business;

2)      The first photo was taken at ZPMC (ZHEN HUA Port Machinery Cooperation) customer site. You can find there is a set of Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine at left side of the first photo in the far distance. Together with this 3m width Automatic Plate Edge Rounding machine, these two kinds of machine are important equipment in production line for manufacturing Port Machinery;

3)      Besides production line for Port Machinery and Shipbuilding, Edge Rounding machine is also a basic equipment planned at beginning stations of BOX Beam Production Line and T Beam Production Line.

2.     General Condition on the 3m Width Edge Rounding Machine for Port Machinery:

1)      As can be seen from the attached picture, this large scale Edge Rounding and Deburring machine is part of the Port Machinery production line. For this reason, its trimming and rounding speed is adjustable within the range of 3000mm ~12000mm/min., to be in pace with TAKT of the whole manufacture line;

2)      Mechanical machine body of this heavy duty End Rounding machine is of gantry type square frame, with the best degree of sufficient strength and robustness.

3.     Main Components of the 3m Width Edge Rounding Machine for Shipbuilding Main Body:

1)      Machine Bed of the Edge Trimming Machine:

It is installed with 2 sets of cycloidal gear motor and reducer, deployed at its both sides;

2)      Both Sides Horizontally Travelling Rounding Unit in the End Plate Trimming Machine:

a)       It is driven with 2 sets of cycloidal gear motors, accommodating varying width of workpieces along transverse direction: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Edge Rounding Machine IMG_2484

b)      And 4 sets of hydraulic oil cylinders along vertical direction, accommodating varying thickness of workpieces;

c)       This is the core operating unit of this Edge Rounding machine;

3)      Horizontal Guiding Unit of the Edge Rounding Machine:

a)       There are 2 sets of guiding elements installed inside both sides of the End Plate Trimming machine: (Fig.2

Fig2 Edge Rounding Machine IMG_2435

b)      It is composed of guiding rod and bushing, which is made of precisely machined 45# steel plate plated with Chromium. This unit has the task of guiding the above mentioned leftward and rightward movement of the 4 pieces of rounding rollers;

4)      Downward Pressing Mechanism of the Large Size End Rounding Machine:

a)       This is for keeping surface flatness of workpieces in the Heavy Duty Edge Rounding machine, avoiding convex surface generated from rounding force: (Fig.3

Fig3 Edge Rounding Machine IMG_2482

b)      This mechanism includes three pieces of downstroke pressing rollers, which can not only be moved up and down, but also be moved horizontally along its shaft, depending on workpiece sizes of the heavy duty Edge Rounding machine;

5)      Lateral Fending Rollers of the Edge Rounding and Deburring Machine:

a)       From the attached picture this unit can be found: There are two pieces of black color “lying” rollers, (Which means, the rollers revolve in the horizontal plane instead of vertical plane), at both sides (one piece each side) at incoming side of the Edge Rounding machine, shown in below photo also;

b)      There are another same two pieces of rollers deployed at the outcoming side of the Edge Rounding machine, which can not be observed directly from the attached picture. This unit is for making sure correct positioning of the workpieces in the working area of the Edge Rounding machine;

6)      Installation of the 3m Width Heavy Duty Edge Rounding Machine:

a)       As to foundation and base of this large size End Plate Trimming machine, the machine bed is of box welding structure, fabricated from thick section steel and plates, for which its rigidity and strength is carefully calculated and fully validated with FMEA and Control Plan process;

b)      Design of this 3m Width Automatic Edge Rounding and Deburring machine is reasonable and advanced.

4.     Technical Parameters of the 3m Width Heavy Duty Edge Rounding Machine:

Below are parameters of this 3m Width End Plate Trimming machine for Shipbuilding industry and Port Machinery Industry:

RH3000 Edge Rounding and Deburring Machine





Applicable Workpiece Width Range

150 ~ 3000 mm


Applicable Workpiece Thickness Range

10 ~ 40 mm


Applicable Workpiece Length Range

1000 ~ 12000 mm


Fitting H Beam Min. Web Beam Height

320 mm


Rounding Speed

3000 ~ 12000 mm/min.


Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm


Main Rounding Rollers Diameter

φ300 mm


Hydraulic Station

4 kW


Max pressure in Hydraulic System

12 MPa


Input and Output Conveyor Length

10m each


Machine Total Power

10.6 kW



380V, 50Hz, 3P

Note: Rounding speed in this set of Heavy Duty Edge Rounding machine is special made. Commonly it is constant 7200mm./min.


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